Rainbow bobbin coaster spool of colourful thread and sewing needle by Laura Lee designs Cornwall colourful homewares and gifts
Sewing coaster in pink with rainbow thread gift for sewer by Laura Lee Designs Cornwall
Sewing bobbin coaster colourful pink coaster sewing gift by Laura Lee designs Cornwall useful gifts for crafters
Rainbow Sewing Coaster -Wooden - Cork Backed - Sewers & Crafters
Black and white gift bag with sticker seal Laura Lee designs Cornwall
Square kraft box gift wrapped coasters by Laura Lee designs Cornwall colourful gifts for crafters

Rainbow Sewing Coaster -Wooden - Cork Backed - Sewers & Crafters

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This colourful coaster is great for adding a splash of colour to your craft room or for scattering around the home to save your surfaces from mug rings.

Colourful rainbow thread on a wooden bobbin.

Makes a great gift for crafters, fabric hoarders and dressmakers! 

Made in small batch production on limited runs, catch them whilst you can.


Wooden coaster

Bright, enduring colours that will not fade

Heat proof

Smooth, hard gloss, surface

High quality

Cork backing

Available in two colours

Also available as a mixed set

Wipe clean

Measures 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm

Single gift bagged

Set of 4 gift boxed


Inspired by my collection of vintage wooden spools and the rainbow thread my Mother sold in her fabric shop.

My best friend and I would take a rainbow thread bobbin from my Mum's sewing room and weave a beautiful cotton cobweb across the bed using the bed knobs. It was very expensive thread and I don't think she ever found out!? So Mum, if you're reading this, sorry, but it was beautiful.

Digitally printed from an original illustration. Made in the UK