About Me

Now this is a story all about how

My life became painting sheep and cow

I'd like to take a minute just sit right there 

I'll tell you how i came to paint right here in this chair


South of the river I was born but not raised

I moved to Dorset to spend my earlier days

Chilling in the fields and bunking off school

Listening to the Stones just playing it cool


My parents said that I had to earn cash

So off to college I did dash

Studied animal care to be a vet nurse

Got charged by a pig thought hey this is a curse


I discovered a talent for drawing and art

Thought this is a way I can play my part

My sister helped me move in a knackered old van

Down to Cornwall - for my master plan


Now I create art on whatever I can

Got three kids and married (to a West Ham fan)

My work had been seen all over the world

Not bad at all for a scatty Dorset girl


Matthew Lee (the West Ham fan!)