Who is Phil ?

Is he a seagull? Is he a duck?
He's a bit of both really!
He was initially inspired by a mother seagull we named Phyllis who lived on the roof of our flat in Falmouth.
Her baby fell off the roof and lived on tinned tuna on our door step for quite a while and Phyllis would fly down and feed him and scream at us when we got near.
Eventually, after several days of shin attacks from the chick and protective head dives from Phyllis as we went in and out of the house, our fondness weakened enough to borrow a step ladder from a sympathetic neighbour and throw the baby back on the roof. My son, who was a toddler at the time was terrified and still has a healthy fear of seagulls! 
The design evolved to become more duck-like when we moved to a little cottage opposite Helston boating lake. I would go over with my sketch book everyday when Ellie was a newborn and as she got older we would feed the swans and ducks, it was lovely there.
The seagulls and ducks would balance on the buoys and call out to each other as if they were saying "look what I can do!" and we always wondered if it was the chick all grown up we lovingly nick-named the seagulls all Phil and so Phil the ta da-ing seagull/duck was born.
Phyllis and Phil both appear on many of my pieces including my personalised baubles and mugs. You may even spot a teeny tiny Phil on some of my beach hut and jewellery miniatures.
Sometimes Phil wears a Christmas hat, sometimes a sailors hat. Phyllis doesn't like to wear a hat at all and you might just spot her swooping down in the sky to check that the tinned tuna is fresh!