Woodlice in love by Laura Lee Designs in Cornwall
Cyril & Myrtle Love Bug Postcard - Blank - Funny -  Woodlouse - Entomology

Cyril & Myrtle Love Bug Postcard - Blank - Funny - Woodlouse - Entomology

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This funny postcard featuring two woodlice in love with little pink heart bunting makes the perfect romantic gesture to that special someone. Great for weddings, valentine's and other romantic occasions. 

Cyril is a woodlouse looking for love.

He loves to dress up and eat leaves. His favourite outfit is his fairy wings which he loves to wear at parties but he's always too shy to say hello to anyone.

Cyril and Myrtle appear on a range of goodies from sew-on patches to mugs and tattoos. 

He's thrilled to be helping me write a book about how he and myrtle met and how he discovered that you don't need to have much in common to find true love.

Join him on his adventures on instagram by following the hashtag #cyrilsadventureson holiday


Printed in Cornwall

50% recycled silk



Measures approx. 15 cm x 10.5 cm 

Presented in a paper bag 

PLEASE NOTE - The item shown is a representation the item you will receive. Please allow for slight colour variations.