The Vintage Pimp Make time for waht matters most upcycled plate by Laura Lee designs Cornwall
Green moths The Vintage Pimp repurposed plate by Laura Lee Designs Cornwall
The Vintage Pimp recycled plate by Laura Lee designs
The Vintage Pimp project plate hand painted by Laura Lee Designs
The Vintage pimp moths and butterflies wall plate hand painted
Display plate with moths and roses by Laura Lee Designs
Eco gift upcycled plate by Laura Lee Designs
Moths & Butterflies mustard and pink roses display plate
Plate gift box Laura Lee Designs

The Vintage Pimp Wall Plate - Moths & Butterflies - Make Time - Hand Painted - CLICK HERE To See All Designs

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Each plate has been lovingly "pimped" over a number of days with a fun and colourful moth design with the inspirational wording "Make time for what matters most".

Some plates have a gorgeous gilded edge which catches the light as you move around the room and would look beautiful in a reading nook or hallway. 

With the inspirational wording "Make time for what matters most" they make a beautiful addition to your room or work space reminding you to take time out for the important things in life.

Hand painted using traditional techniques, this piece has wear and tear typical of vintage pieces which I believe adds to it's charm, a truly one-off piece!

Give a much loved piece, which has lost it's original place and purpose, the chance to be used and loved again!


Some plates are gilded

May have small chips, cracks or crazing in the glaze - this is part of it's vintage charm

Gift boxed 

Mixed ceramics

Signed by the artist

Unique edition number

Plate shown is the plate received

Measurements - Plates vary in measurement but are a tea plate size approx. 160mm x 160mm


These pieces are aged and the design is delicate

Hand wash separately with cool water

Do not use abrasive cloths or detergents

Designed for display use only

Do not microwave

PLEASE NOTE: Slight colour variations and imperfections are part of the handmade process and should be enjoyed for their uniqueness.